Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hold onto Me

Hold onto Me

Short Story
By: Gustavo Simmons
There was a moment where time just became a mere illusion, the perception of self was another mirage which was linked to the sensuous system of the brain. Yesterday comes today, and the future becomes a tangible thing that ceased to exist. Understanding time can be a complex theory, especially when you aren’t attached to it.
Just to think on the multiple timeliness and suddenly “jump” from one point to the other and even recreate the universe when the universe reached the point of extinction. He was a “god” among men, with an impossibility to avoid death, just by resetting the “switch around him” but there were two flaws towards his recreation of the universe the first one being that no matter what, he would return to the age he was on the year he leaped and the second flaw it was that the three people he treasured the most were preset to be lost in the time-stream.
At first he just started to jump on different timelines, different places across the multiverse, it was just an adventure, then he fall in love with a guy who lived in a small countryside town, a very nice guy whom he visited on several occasions; then when tragedy happened and the guy who he fall in love died in his sleep, it was the moment that he realized he could turn back in time and space; essentially creating a new timeline in the preset universe.
The first morning that he went back, he went back further in time, he went to 1996, he was back in Colombia and he found himself back on the sixth grade. He couldn’t believe that he was so far in time, mostly because when he traveled between different coordinates it was only days apart but on different historical settings. Traveling around the continuum always gave him different ideas about how history could turn to be, but doing the feature of resetting a timeline, his own timeline was something he never imagined.
He knew he was born with that ability and every time he traveled he never influenced on any outcomes of the timelines he visited, he just was there to learn about history of the world from different perspectives. What if with the creation of a new timeline, the repercussions would be catastrophic? One life that you save would equal a life that would die? Or for every action you take when the timeline resets you are destined to live a life of misery and solitude?
Yet, he didn’t care, he just wanted to be with him, he wanted to be there for him. He became his anchor to reality, no matter what reality he created he always recreated him. Him, became the person he tried to save, to hold onto after he met his death thousands of times, was alive in each recreation and new timeline.

Still, he was alone, alone in between a sea of people he met and interacted with, and with his out of the world powers he always wanted to go back to him, because with him he was only happy, happy as he never was before.

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