Monday, July 10, 2017

When We Went to War Chapter One

Chapter One
In the Middle of Nowhere
Where to start? The world political climate changed after the election of the 45th President of the United States and subsequently his V.P. becoming the 45th four years later; the Democratic Party was no longer there and America turned into some form of theocracy in which Eugenics and racial purity were advocated by the White Nationalist Party, it was almost as the timeline of Marvel’s comic book Line Old Man Logan.
“What was that?” She asked.
“It’s just the siren, we need to take shelter as soon as possible” He replied.
“The Tu-95’s are coming”
“We are in the middle of nowhere in Red Lodge, Minnesota! How did they reach here?!”
“They are everywhere; we have no choice”
They started to run down the basement with the hopes of not dying in the explosions. They could hear the loud detonations coming from the surface, as they laid in the bottom, they were scared that the next wave could be the last as not many places on Minnesota were infiltrated by the Red Wave of Mother Russia.
“It is over?” He said.
“For now; I can’t hear anything”
“Me neither, let’s go up again”
Both went to the surface again; they saw smoke coming from the town, they thought about going to help as soon as they could but they wanted to see if their herd was OK, as well their edifications in the ranch. Nothing seemed to be wrong, the only thing they didn’t had was connection to the emergency telephone line which they assumed the bombarding destroyed the central that was in the town.
They checked that their truck still had some gas and they rushed to town to help, they were concerned that some relatives could be dead, but they wanted to know if their neighbors were doing OK after the attack of the Russians. Nobody near them seemed to be affected, their suspicions turned right after they noticed the town was mostly destroyed; they were trying to understand why their town became a target? It wasn’t as big as NYC or whatever else was in Washington D.C.
“Oil and water” He said.
“What?” She replied.
“The Russians are behind the mineral resources that we have.”
“What do you say that? Their territory has more than any on Earth, they do not anything”
“They are trying to finally decimate us; contaminate the natural resources and destroy any possible location of oil it will destroy the country last foundations to rise up from the ashes; especially any deposit of drinking water”
“That is quite creepy, the possibility that it happens will kill everyone”
“What can we do?”

“To keep fighting. We have no choice but to keep fighting; we can’t escape to Canada and Mexico anymore, we need to fight” Teresa and Bobby kept driving to the ruins of the small town to help any survivors.