Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Room Next Door

The Room Next Door
“Please stop!” The door was slammed.
“It wasn’t my fault, the kid just peed his pants at school; he is growing up!”
“It was your fault you whore! He is just like his father; he is not like me!”
“We were separated for almost 2 years; he was born when I was with Tony. You came back and adopt it him”
“Fuck you bitch; I was in the need of a house and you just like to brag to my mistakes. You are a fucking mistake!”
“Screw you, motherfucker you think you are a hot shot, but you aren’t nothing that a has-been”
“Bitch, who do you think you are?”
“Please, let go that bottle”
A noise of a bottle crashing on the north wall.
“I hate you Richard!”
“Oh please, you didn’t hate when you sucked my dick”
“It was out of fucking pity! That’s it I am calling the cops”
He punched her on the face, she fell on the floor and she was crying. Love was a feeling she never experienced and he only experienced hate.
She tried to go and grab the landline, but he just continued punching her. He just continued, until she couldn’t move anymore.

There were sirens not far away; probably a neighbor heard the fight; they didn’t hesitate to call the cops and an ambulance. She was dead on the scene, cranial fracture and internal hemorrhage…mom