Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Slice of Pizza

A Slice of Pizza

Short Story

By: Gustavo Simmons

A long time ago, there were seven beings who were manifestations of the inner darkest emotions of humanity. Intangible beings, who had the ability to manipulate the emotions of beings… at the end, these beings were sent to the mortal plane to live an existence of life and death because of the sins the committed and the sins they turned.

Lust, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, Greed and Sloth were among us, among humanity. The cycle came every 90 years; all of them would live and die on the same day and time, the only exception was that all they were going to be born on different locations around the world but after 20 years of living they would gather on one random place and live near of the same city or country.

That was the mythos of the Seven, a mythos that everyone over time forgot. Yet, two of them were eating a pizza on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida.

It was a Sunday, January the 6th of 2002. They didn’t have a name; but they were old friends and brothers, part of the cabal. Two of the they, Pride and Wrath were sitting as they did for eons. On this life, Pride was born in North Carolina, while Wrath was born in Colombia. They look as they could be related but their flesh was far away from being related. Pride was tall and skinny, he had many tattoos based on Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda; Wrath was short and stubby, almost physically inept. Yet, they were two of the most powerful beings in the universe, each of them able to manipulate emotions and life beyond death.
“It’s been a while my brother, how did you discovered this place?”
“Cappy’s? I used to come here when I was younger on this life. Probably one of the best pizzerias in Tampa”
“I see” Said Wrath while eating a slice of cheese.
“Do you think the population will accept the new order in world?”
“No, they will revolt again. It will happen a similar scenario that repeats itself every 110 years”
“Explain yourself” Said Pride.
“Franz Ferdinand, Kennedy, just to name a few. Humanity, even in some way we are part of it, it always finds a way to go forward, we as beings who are able to exist beyond death, beings who are agents that manipulate humanity to achieve certain future, we can’t control them, we can’t even control the outcomes” Replied Wrath while cleaning his mouth.
 “You are right, much of the time, we can only sit down and enjoy this show while we eat pizza. I wonder what is on the news right now?”
“Who knows, but I heard there is a bloody protest on Washington D.C. and Ereshkigal is having a feast of souls right now”

Wrath just simply smiled.

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